The new Seat - Simon Lawson, Leo Burnett


Name: Paul Lawson

Job Group: managing director, Leo Burnett

- You've got five hours left prior to world explodes. What do you do?

Clockwatch - I'm slightly obsessive compulsive.

- What's your very best self joke?

What's the difference between oral sex and anal sex? Oral sex makes every day, anal sex makes your hole weak.

- What's your biggest fear?

Having my own, personal son, a 20-year-old policeman, knocking on my doorway to arrest me for doing something illegal and marching me in front of our own nice neighbours.

- When did you last cry and why?

When my five-year-old son caught me within the nose with an uppercut as he leapt out at me, Cato-style, accompanied by the bout of hysteria once i opened the check for the school that's supposed to get him to a gentle, civilised person in society.

- Who's your hero?

My grandfather - a male for whom was written the homily: You can actually judge the of an man in addition he treats people who are capable of doing nothing for him.

- Name another thing about yourself that few individuals know.

I wear outright a flesh-coloured catsuit when I'm alone in your own home.

- Exactly what is the worst thing about your job?

Forgetting that I'm wearing my flesh-coloured catsuit while i arrive for develop Monday morning.

- Exactly what do the thing is whenever you view in the mirror?

If it's a Monday morning, a male who appears, at first glance, to become naked and sporting the totally smooth genitals of an Ken doll.

- With which historical figure would you most perceive and why?

Arius, a prominent heretic of early Christianity, who suggested once when Christ hadn't existed. But his religious subversion is just not my main point of identification. Things i identify with is his reason behind death - apparently, he shat out his bowels. Just what I thought I was suffering after having a ten-course tasting menu at Zaika recently.

- If you had an experienced monkey, an amount you create it do?

Mate it with his ECD, Jon Burley, and see if I can re-create his partner, Jim Bolton.

- If the office was home, what object can you save and why?

Why would I enter a building I'd just set light to?

- Are you happy?

Thanks to my partner and children, never way more.

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