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Pam Hogg Has got the Bold, Sexy Catsuit Right down to A Tee, Says Kate Spicer

There have been some pretty razzy shows eventually month's London Fashion Week, but there were one that wiped a floor for cool factor. Squeezed in the front row would be a who's who of hip Londoners: Gareth Pugh, Bella Freud, Susie Bick, Bobby Gillespie, Siouxsie Sioux, Judy Blame, Imelda Staunton and Paul Simenon all jostled for space. On the runway Jaime Winstone, Alice Dellal, Liberty Ross and Daisy Lowe all walked for the woman who hadn't shown in 17 years.

Nobody defines British clubland fashioncrossover style like Pam Hogg. Arriving fresh away from art school in late 1970s punk London, she has ridden every wave of club culture since - her Newburgh Street shop in Soho would be a hub of 1980s cool. She describes herself just as one artist encompassing music, video and fashion - "I don't like to confine myself" - but her connectivity to subculture shares much with Leigh Bowery's life-as-performance art.

She has never enjoyed huge success (she says DJing keeps the wolf from your door, and she or he still takes the bus), but that hardly diminishes her cool.

Hogg's designs - jane is most widely known on her behalf shop latex catsuits - use a popularity among stylists including Katy England, and Kylie, Siouxsie Sioux and Debbie Harry are typical fans. A riot of net, PVC and metallic, sequined and wet-look Lycra, the suits are meticulously tailored from more than 50 pieces. They sculpt, as opposed to cling - "I hate clothes which can be created to make you look sexy," she says. I gave a black and silver Hogg suit a spin and may report which it really isn't difficult to venture out in one of the fantastic items; actually, I liked it a great deal I sold something to be able to own one (they start at ?¡§o850).

Immediately after the show, Hogg attended a Peaches (the electroclash queen, not the Geldof) gig at the Double Club. "I was exhausted, but I acquired a call saying Tilda Swinton wanted me at her table. I wore the Liquid Metal catsuit, along with the first person I bump into is Kate Moss, who is, like, 'That's amazing, how about we I have one?' The next thing, Roisin Murphy says, 'Ooh, Pam, someone wants to setup a meeting.' It had been Kanye, saying his girlfriend is 'dying' for what I'm wearing.

Then Peaches comes over. She has been after a catsuit since we met through Lady Kier, who wore a Hogg catsuit on the cover of The Face in 1990."

For decades there have been whispers: "Pam's back doing fashion." Now it's the real deal. Already, high street is correct on the internet for which consists of own version of her look.

The On/Off collective gave the venue for nothing and even the models, hair and make-up are typical doing me favours. I would like funding or all this will stop. I have buyers and all thrilling but I can't have money to acquire the material. I even was required to borrow cash to go to the show today."

Although some people might people could possibly be surprised at the lack of a much more formal business plan, Hogg is definitely an imaginative first and foremost. After graduating from the fine art and printed textiles course at Glasgow School of Art, earning a Leverhulme scholarship and Royal Society of Arts bursary, she gone after London to review at the Royal College of Art.

SHE established her fashion label in 1983 and quickly went on for being one of the UK's most celebrated designers, appearing at London Fashion Week and also on television programmes as being a celebrity in her own right. In 1991, the then chat-show host Terry Wogan ntroduced her as "one of the most original, inventive, manufacturers in Britain", adding: "She has reached what is known as cult status." She have also been the 1st designer showing a clothing collection at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow.

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