SANDI SAYS: If only I used to be A Relationship GIRL


Scots Singer's Secret Desire

SCOTS pop singer Sandi Thom really wants to dress up in a sexy black PVC catsuit and play a BOND girl in a very 007 movie.

Sandi, of Macduff, says she'd happily act as a feisty villain, or even a fellow secret agent alongside Daniel Craig, in one of the legendary thrillers.

But she said it must be considered a gutsy character to tempt her in the role, like Honor Blackman's Pussy Galore from your 1964 film Goldfinger.

The 26-year-old declared if she ever did are able, she would like to follow inside the footsteps of actresses like Halle Berry, who helped update the passive image of some earlier Connection girls.

Speaking from her London flat, where she recorded her new album, The Pink As well as the Lily, she said:

"Wow, I'd like to get into a major black PVC catsuit and massive hair, and still have just like a really growling voice, like Honor Blackman. That you will find great. I know what my name could be, it would be Honey Riley, Riley's my mum's maiden name.

"I think my acting aspirations might stretch slightly beyond being merely a Link girl, but Halle Berry's an incredible actress, very clever - she was a great one.

Halle Berry played Giacinta "Jinx" Johnston inside the 2002 film with Pierce Brosnan, Die Another Day.

If film bosses give Sandi the risk, the sultry Scot could join the ranks of screen goddesses including Ursula Andress, whose iconic Honey Ryder role in Dr No took place in cinema history.

But Marten Andreasson, fashion tutor at the University of Middlesex, disagrees.

"I believe that, for the students, it's really more valuable to emphasise the creative because this is some time whether they have the freedom to experiment and go to town," he says. "By time they get to their graduate latex clothing show, they really should have decided whether desire to go commercial or be more experimental." But what happens for the ones who want to make collections based on the Holocaust? He makes a tactful shrug. "They probably disappear and do MAs . . ."

This really is yet another thing that puzzles me. Fashion students say that their tasks are about "self-expression", but whatever they make always is apparently an awfully great distance far from whatever they actually wear. There are a lot of pretty printed dresses and German tourist-esque shoes inside audience - almost none for the runways. Sharon Dewar, 29, each student at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, agrees that the delicate, multi-layered black dress she's got designed doesn't seem to have much that is similar to the jeans-and-grey-cardigan combo she actually is wearing. "That's true. But I design whatever desire to, as opposed to a few things i actually wear, and it's a designer market I'm aspiring to." So what does she think is a bit more important - being commercial or being experimental? "It's an account balance really, is it not? You need to enjoy making the clothes and folks to take pleasure from putting them on."Sandi, who hit No.1 with your ex breakthrough song, I Wish I became A Punk Rocker, revealed she starred in the school creation of Bugsy Malone.

She added: "My mum always says I might make a excellent actor - I don't know whether that's true.

"But she knows me well. I've not witnessed myself as a possible actor but I might never write it off." Her new tour features Aberdeen's Moshulu on March 4, Glasgow's King Tut's on March 5 and Edinburgh's Cabaret Voltaire on March 6.

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