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You might believe that sharing the final festival from the season slot with the mighty Bestival might be problematic, however for End from the Road, undoubtedly the gentlest event of the summer, this doesn't happen apparently do much harm. The Wiltshire-based affair is honored on its idyllic setting plus a line-up stuffed with the creme de la creme of independent music. Really the only shadow started in the design of your cancellation by the Horrors "due to illness", but with a disco in the woods, peacocks roaming free, luxurious (by celebration standards) showers plus a double-decker bus doling out endless pints of cider, news in the sick Horror, although sad, didn't leave anyone fetish wear devastated.

The Low Anthem proved there's more to them than a little music business buzz having a soulful Saturday set full of bittersweet musings. The Broken Family Band got everyone else shuffling with their mixture of uplifting folk-rock in a single of the last appearances before they surpass their moniker and split up in October, while Emergency first aid kit 's observational lyrics and heartbreaking harmonies gave the audience a clear case of the lip quivers.

It turned out up to fellow Swedes Wildbirds & Peacedrums to lift the mood having an energetic, percussion-filled pair of perfectly formed experimental pop. Regarding beardy pin-ups Fleet Foxes , they were quite popular that the main stage area was closed to anyone looking to wander in. Still, as those mesmerising harmonies rang out, punters seemed greater than happy to stand in the queue, listening.

Docker fans have place in a rather stronger effort - 38 have been evicted from just seven home games.

Acting Sen. Sgt Marcus Murray said only 17 officers were utilised at last Sunday's West Coast-St Kilda match (a comparable number necessary to reduce Ben Cousins at full flight pre-rehab).

He said that number would've been nearer to 40 in 2006, before overview of the venue's liquor licence tightened-up the "let's get paralytic" drinking culture at the oval.

"Fremantle are extremely robust supporters of these team," Sen. Sgt Murray said, explaining the difference within the statistics relating to the two teams.

"I am not going to discuss what Fremantle are however they aren't that.

"I have an overabundance of of your apprehension while i visit a Fremantle game."

Imagine how apprehensive the gamers must feel? No less than the cops have a very chance of keeping control.Sunday gave us mean slide guitarist Bob Log III , whose bizarre combination of gold catsuit, crash helmet and crude lyrics had the viewers eating at restaurants of his hand. The country-rock singer-songwriter Steve Earle brought sunshine back, while octogenarian bluesman T-Model Ford 's performance was an honour to see, especially the secret gig on the piano in the woods as the sun set over the weekend and, indeed, the summer months.

Best performance Wildbirds & Peacedrums.Overheard "Is it wrong to fancy Bob

Log III? There's just something concerning the gold catsuit which crash helmet that can it for me personally. Hot!"

Best discovery Tiny Vipers.

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